Log Home Stain

Log home stains can be an easy choice for some while complicated for others. There are all sorts of options which can confuse the issue. Homeowners can choose from a water based stain, an oil based stain or a combination water and oil mix. There is almost an unlimited number of colors available because of the number of different stain manufacturers. Some stains are manufactured for specific markets like decks, siding, fences or log homes. It is important to select the right stain for your particular project because this decision will affect how your home looks over the years and how much maintenance it will require. Deck and fence stains are usually the least expensive stain products but typically offer the least amount of durability and protection. Log specific stains are typically the most durable type of stain product. These types of stains are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, wind, snow and rain. Most of these types of products are going to cost more money than your standard home stain but will produce far greater durability results. When selecting the stain for your log home it is important to keep in mind the questions listed below.

·         What is my budget?

·         How often do I want to re-stain my log home?

·         When will my stain be applied?

·         Do I need to be concerned about compatibility issues with my chinking or caulking materials?

·         Do I want an oil based or water based stain?

Finally, it is important to test your stain on your log home prior to the application of it on the entire home. This can alleviate a large headache if ultimately you decide you don't like the way the stain takes to your logs. Wood types and surface prep will dictate the overall color appearance so please proceed with caution. Mountain Home Building Products is proud to handle Permachink, Sashco and Weatherall log home products. We can provide samples and color charts at no charge. We recommend stain products like Lifeline Exterior, Lifeline Ultra2, Sustain from Weatherall and Transformation from Sashco. Both Lifeline products are water based and the Sustain and Transformation are oil based products. The oil based products will be easier to apply but will require solvents during the clean up process. Also, some people don't care for the smell associated with oil based stains. Regardless of your choice please remember to select a stain from a reputable manufacturer.

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Permachink Chinking

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